Young OD of the Year Nomination Form

Wyoming Young Optometrist of the Year Award

The Wyoming Optometric Association (WOA) Young Optometrist of the Year Award recognizes the deserving individual doctor of optometry for performance of outstanding service on behalf of the profession, community, and the Wyoming Optometric Association.


Nomination for the WOA Young Optometrist of the Year may be made by any member of the WOA. For this purpose, “young optometrist” is defined as those who have been in active practice less than 10 years.


All nominations for the WOA Young OD of the Year award shall conform to the following requirements:

  1. Nominees must be a WOA member in good standing.
  2. Nominations are submitted to the Executive Director of the WOA.
  3. All substantiating documentation must be submitted as outlined in the nomination form.
  4. Nominations must be submitted by the published deadline.


Nominees will be evaluated according to a point system allocated to the following areas:

Public Service:  Services to country, state, or other political subdivisions in any capacity.  Services to education, community, religious or service institutions or charitable causes.

Visual Welfare of the Public: Service with sight-saving groups, legislative activities beneficial to the visual welfare of the public, participation in governmental health care programs, participation in public service programs, i.e.., visual screening projects, give-one-day, etc.

Service to Optometry: Contributions of personal effort and time on behalf of the profession’s advancement



The WOA Young OD of the Year Award will be selected by the WOA Award Committee. The WOA Young OD of the Year Award, which is presented at the annual meeting of the WOA, may or may not be awarded annually.

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